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Zélia Duncan releases “O que mereço”, first single from her new album

Zélia Duncan releases “O que mereço”, first single from her new album

It was just released at digital platforms “O que mereço”, the first single from the new album of Zélia Duncan, the result of her work and musical partnership with musician and composer Christiaan Oyen. The album entitled “Tudo é um” will be released by Duncan Discos/Biscoito Fino by the end of April and includes new collaborations between Zélia and Chico Cesar, Zeca Baleiro, Moska, Dani Black and with Christiaan Oyen himself.

“O que mereço” is the only song not signed by Zélia Duncan in the album and precedes the release of the full album; it was composed by Juliano Holanda, a prominent artist that is part of the new generation of composers from Pernambuco brought to this work by singer Almério.

“When I was already feeling dizzy because of so many beautiful songs, Juliano Holanda provoked me and made me ask for ‘that song’, to be listened again, when I was alone ”, says Zélia, who recorded the song one week later. “It is a folk/country song, in Dylan style, which looks simple at first but is actually deep; so it was clear to me it was a single”, she adds.

“Tudo é Um” is the 14th album of Zélia Duncan and is going to be released two years after her last work, “Invento +”, a partnership between the singer and Jaques Morelenbaum.


Listen to “O Que Mereço”: