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Tiago Iorc records Acústico MTV

Tiago Iorc records Acústico MTV

Tiago Iorc had been away from spotlights for one year. Now he is back with the surprise release of his new album, “Reconstrução”, which is already a success. In just 24 hours all the 13 new tracks entered the Top 50 Most Streamed Songs on Spotify Brasil. The singer also made his first appearance on a stage since the hiatus to record his Acústico MTV.

In the show, he presented songs from his new album and some others that are important in his career, such as “Amei Te Ver” and “Coisa Linda”, besides “Cataflor” and “Mil Razões”, from album “Troco Likes”. The song chosen to open the setlist was “Desconstrução”.

Bringing back the attraction’s old format, on a 360-degree stage Tiago Iorc performed 20 songs, two of them never released before (“Lôra” and “Do Que Você Tem Medo?”) and a cover of Billie Eilish’s “Bellyache”. The special album counts on the participation of Duda Beat in the song entitled “Tangerina” and Jorge Drexler singing in Portuguese in “Me Tira Para Dançar”.

Unlike the previous editions of Acústico MTV, now there will be no CDs or DVDs. The album tracks will be made available separately on streaming platforms and the Acústico MTV show will be aired in September on that channel.

Listen to “Reconstrução” (full album):