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Sexteto Sucupira’s first album brings a mix of music elements

Sexteto Sucupira’s first album brings a mix of music elements

After five years of planning, Sexteto Sucupira, a band from Rio de Janeiro, releases its first 10-track album entitled “Forró Jazz Cigano Tropical”.

The group members are virtually the same since the beginning: Alexandre Bittencourt (Flute/Saxophone), Rudá Brauns (Mandolin), Max Dias (Bass), Felipe Chernicharo (Guitar), Lucas Videla (Percussion) and Claudio Lima (Drums).

The album is an authorial work and different members of the band has collaborated with compositions that connect with one another by the mixture of Brazilian with Eastern and Latin American traditional music plus lots of improvisation. “That’s why the album is entitled ‘Forró Jazz Cigano Tropical’ [Tropical Forró, Jazz, Gipsy Music], and we invited great musicians who also enjoy combining different things, such as Nicolas Krassik, Carlos Malta, Marcelo Caldi and Julia Vargas, to participate in this record”, Alexandre Bittencourt says.

The group produces a type of instrumental music that uses music elements from many parts of the world, but always focusing on the dance and on Brazil. According to the flautist/saxophonist, they play every week, on Wednesdays, at Mercado Fundição, in Rio de Janeiro, and the idea of releasing an album came out such performances.

Each member has put something from their own history and influences into the band’s music, as explains Alexandre: “Rudá (mandolin) and I have been playing together for years in Arabian music groups. Felipe (guitar) plays in Afro Jazz and adds a different sound to our music, while Cláudio (drums) and Lucas (percussion) bring the Bahia touch to the mixture, with emphasis on samba, for example”.

The band is planning a tour, but the release of “Forró Jazz Cigano Tropical” is scheduled for October 4 at Fundição Progresso, in Rio de Janeiro.