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Brazilian metal band Sepultura announces weekly live broadcasts

Brazilian metal band Sepultura announces weekly live broadcasts

Sepultura, the Brazilian band deemed as one of the biggest heavy metal bands, has launched a very interesting project during this quarantine period.

Since the band members are at their own homes and away from the stage, they decided to create the “SepulQuarta”, a project consisting of performances broadcasted live on Wednesdays. Each musician is responsible for broadcasting one session, and the events include performances of tracks from “Quadra”, the latest album of the band, as well as Q&A sessions involving fans, storytelling about the band’s history, and much more.

The live sessions start at 4:00 p.m. (BRT) and last two hours. All the contents are broadcasted in English, aiming at reaching the huge international fan base of the group.

The full program is informed at the project’s official website, and you can watch some videos below.


On the road for 36 years, Sepultura already had some member changes and released some iconic albums. The band is currently composed of Paulo Jr., Andreas Kisser, Derrick Green and Eloy Casagrande.

The band’s most successful album so far is “Roots”, from 1996, which has put Sepultura on the world map of heavy metal. Because of that and other albums, great internationally-renowned musicians like Dave Grohl and many others consider the band as influential.