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Brazilian breakthrough rapper Edgar combines funk and tragedy in new song

Brazilian breakthrough rapper Edgar combines funk and tragedy in new song

Edgar, a Brazilian rapper from São Paulo, is back with a track inspired by a personal tragedy that gives rise to some meaningful reflection. “Carro de Boy”, a song the artist has been performing in his gigs over the past few months, was finally recorded in studio and became a single, which was released in January 31.

The song that combines the beats of funk with a powerful message is based on a tragedy the artist experienced. In 2007, Janine, one of his classmates, died after being hit by a car driven by a rich man. At that time, the driver was not punished for the death of the young woman from a poor district of the city of Guarulhos and such fact was engraved forever on the mind of the rapper.

The lyrics talk about the lack of punishment when poor people are the victims of crimes and make very clear the different treatments given to people based on their social class.

The song marks a new phase in the career of Edgar, who had his second album, Ultrassom, released in 2018. “Carro de Boy” has been in the setlist of the artist for a while now, and rapper Rico Dalasam participates as a guest, while Pupillo is in charge of the beats and production of the track.

Watch the music video below:

About Edgar

Born in the city of Guarulhos, in the State of São Paulo, the rapper drew the attention in the Brazilian music scene when he participated as a lyrics writer in Elza Soares’ album Deus É Mulher. In 2017, his homonymous debut album was released, and in 2018 Ultrassom, his acclaimed second record, got to the market. Since then his psychedelic music and looks have been gaining fans throughout Brazil and the artist has been performing in all parts of the country.