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Porto Musical pumps up the Brazilian northeast with a long program

Porto Musical pumps up the Brazilian northeast with a long program

Once again, Recife will hold from February 13 to 15 one of the major Brazilian meetings for music professionals: Porto Musical. Every two years, the event brings together professionals from the music industry, and in its 9th edition it includes a wide range of activities such as seminars, conferences, pitching sessions and showcases.

The event will take place in cultural spaces and on the streets of Recife and it is possible to go from one site to another on foot to check out the entire program. Participants also have the chance of enjoying pre-carnival parties and popular amusing activities that happen in the city during such period of the year.

Among the program activities is the workshop given by Brazilian singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and actor André Abujamra (son of Antônio Abujamra, an acclaimed Brazilian theater actor and director), in which he will deconstruct the idea of divine inspiration.

Brasil, Música & Artes brings to the event the workshop “The turning point: how to export your music”, in which Daniel Nogueira will share the know-how he has gained during all the hard-working years dedicated to include partner artists in the lineup of the most important festivals worldwide and to arrange for several deals with major international players aiming at exporting Brazilian artists’ works.


There will be plenty of good music in the showcases and daycases during the three days of the event. On Thursday (13), performances begin with Arrete, a trio that will bring to the stage at Paço de Frevo themes such as female empowerment. The night gigs start with Haitian group Vox Sambou, followed by China, Una, Ave Sangria and Devotos, all artists from Pernambuco.

On Friday (14), the daycase includes DJ Dolores and the guests Henrique Albino and Aishá Louren. The showcases at night bring Colombian band Frente Cumbiero, Pará artist Aíla and Pernambuco groups The Raulis, Coco de Toré Pandeiro do Mestre and Siba.

Saturday (15), last day of the event, is the day of the performances of Guitarra das Manas, Filipe Catto (from Rio Grande do Sul) and Maria Beraldo (from São Paulo) in the daycase. Artists Enne (from Maranhão) and Jéssica Caitano (from Pernambuco) and the group Luísa e os Alquimistas (from Rio Grande do Norte) close the showcases of this edition.

About Porto Musical

The first edition of Porto Musical was in 2005 and since then it has become a consolidated event in the Brazilian music scene. The purpose of the organizers is to promote networking, business contacts, exchange of experiences and business opportunities.

Conferences focus on up-to-date themes that are relevant for the music industry. The discussions promoted aim at generating ideas, solutions and experiences regarding production and creation. Each conference takes up to two hours and may be individual or include up to five people.

Showcases are 40-minute performances that give the artists an opportunity to show their works to organizers of major festivals who will be at the event willing to close deals. The gigs take place at night (showcases, main stage) or in the afternoon (daycases, side stage).

Pitching sessions are a great opportunity for artists and producers to meet with well-regarded music professionals. Participants have 5 minutes to present their projects and music creatively and try to close a deal or establish a business relationship with record labels, record companies, festivals, producers and businesspeople from the music industry.