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“Planeta Fome”, the new project of Elza Soares featuring BNegão and Rafael Mike

“Planeta Fome”, the new project of Elza Soares featuring BNegão and Rafael Mike

Elza Soares is working on her 34th album, “Planeta Fome”, which is expected to be released in September by Deck label. Inspired by her hometown, Rio de Janeiro, the singer, who has already released albums such as “A mulher do fim do mundo” (2015) and “Deus é mulher” (2018) in her career, now invited major Brazilian artists such as BNegão and Rafael Mike to participate in her new project.

Rapper BNegão, most widely known for being one of the members of the band Planet Hemp, is the co-writer and the special guest in the track entitled “Blá blá blá”. The song also includes samples of “Me dê motivos”, a classic Brazilian song that was eternalized by Tim Maia.

Rafael Mike wrote and sang in the track “Não tá mais de graça”, which includes a sample of the song “A carne” (1998), produced by Seu Jorge, Marcelo Yuca and Ulisses Cappelletti. Rafael is known for being part of Dream Team do Passinho, a group from Rio de Janeiro.

The album brings songs that were never released before and the first single is “Libertação”, a song written by Russo Passapusso with the participation of groups BaianaSystem and Orkestra Rumpilezz.

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