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Maria Bethânia, Gal Costa: full-length performances of great Brazilian artists are now available

Maria Bethânia, Gal Costa: full-length performances of great Brazilian artists are now available

Several countries worldwide implemented quarantine as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. So, in order to help music fans to get through this social distancing period, Brazilian artists, record labels and music production companies made available awesome contents on the internet.

That’s the case of record label Biscoito Fino, which has been uploading on its YouTube channel a series of full-length performances of major Brazilian music artists. One of those artists is Maria Bethânia, one of the greatest names in MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), currently a 73-year-old singer still active in the music scene. Her gig with Zeca Pagodinho, a samba icon in Brazil, has been made available in full and represents one of the most valuable moments in Brazilian music regarding collaborations.

In such performance, Bethânia e Zeca sing songs by other Brazilian artists, such as Caetano Veloso (Bethânia’s brother), Chico Buarque, Adriana Calcanhotto and Leandro Fregonessi, as well as their own respective hits.

The program of Biscoito Fino also includes gigs of samba legend Alcione, Gal Costa, Silvia Machete, Elza Soares and a documentary about Chico Buarque. As informed by the record label, a music performance of Chico will be made available on YouTube in April 9, and the release of gigs of Sergio Ricardo, Jards Macalé and other artists is also expected.

Watch it below and have fun!

Relaxing Playlist

Brasil Music Exchange continues taking the best of Brazilian music to foreign countries and now it has created an amazing playlist including new and old songs by Brazilian interesting artists. Listen below and relax!