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Marcelo Jeneci announces his new album and releases his first song: “Aí sim”

Marcelo Jeneci announces his new album and releases his first song: “Aí sim”

Musician Marcelo Jeneci released “Aí sim”, the first song of his new album, composed in collaboration with Arnaldo Antunes. The track with the same title had its video shot in Palm Springs, a region close to Los Angeles, the same place where the album, expected to be released by the end of May by Som Livre’s label Slap, is being mixed. Chloë de Carvalho signs the direction and script of the music video.

“Each sound was chosen in order to potentiate what Arnaldo Antunes is saying in the lyrics. Aiming at a ‘transformation’, Wladimir Gasper (album producer) and I tried to move everything from their expected places. Instead of drums, we used me beatboxing and sounds of kids playing with water (for me, nothing represents freedom and joy better than a child playing with water). Instead of a bass, we used a low-pitched timbal. The accordion intends to push forward those who are interested in listening carefully to their own questions”, said Marcelo Jeneci about the sound of the new song.

Jeneci and Arnaldo Antunes had already worked together in the past in songs such as “Quarto de dormir” (2007), “Longe” (2009, with Betão Aguiar), “Envelhecer” (2009, with Ortinho), “Café com leite de rosas” (2010, also with Ortinho) and “Borboleta” (2011, with Alice Ruiz and Zélia Duncan), among others.

The third album of Jeneci finally rises on the horizon six years after the edition of his second one, entitled “De graça” (2013).


Listen to “Aí sim”: