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Jorge Mautner releases in April his first album of new songs in 13 years

Jorge Mautner releases in April his first album of new songs in 13 years

At the age of 78, Jorge Mautner releases next month an album of new songs after 13 years. Recorded from April to May 2018, the album “Não há abismo em que o Brasil caiba” has 14 songs by the songwriter from Rio de Janeiro.

Some works such as “Destino” and “Ouro e prata na mão” are signed by Mautner only, while others like “Segredo” and “O passado” are the result of the collaboration between Mautner and Bruno Di Lullo – the first one also counts on the participation of Domenico Lancellotti. The album also strengthens the connection of the artist with Bem Gil, with whom Mautner recorded songs in album “Revirão”, from 2006.

Album production was made by Mautner in a partnership with Tono, the group from Rio de Janeiro that has been presenting with the singer in shows since 2013 and is composed of Rafael Rocha and Ana Claudia Lomelino, as well as the previously mentioned Bem Gil and Bruno Di Lullo.

The intention was to create an album with simple music to evidence the artist’s speech in the lyrics of the 14 songs. Jorge Mautner puts Brazil as the main theme of his work, thus provoking a reflection on the Brazilian society, which is simple and complex at the same time.

The album will be released by Deck records in CD and digital format. An LP edition will be produced in a partnership with Noize Record Club, a vinyl record collectors club.