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Four Brazilians in the World Music Charts Europe October ranking

Four Brazilians in the World Music Charts Europe October ranking

Albums by Brazilian artists Dona Onete, Luedji Luna, DJ Dolores, and Serelepe are among the 20 albums of October selected by World Music Charts Europe (WMCE).

Dona Onete, from Para state, remains in the ranking, in September was in the first place and now holds the second position, again as “Rebujo”. In eighth place is Luedji Luna with the album “Um Corpo no Mundo”. DJ Dolores appears in the survey for the first time and holds the 11th position with the latest album Recife 19 In 17th is the band Serelepe, with “Forró por aí”, also debuting in the ranking.
WMCE is an important tool for musicians, record labels as well as for radio broadcasters and producers as it works as airplay and not as a sales table. The network is formed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), a kind of “umbrella” of public radios on the European continent.
See the complete list of the October WMCE Top 20:

  • Kharifa Habib Koite, Contre Jour, Mali
  • Rebujo Dona Onete, Mais Um Discos, Brazil

  • Mar Nem Szedülök / Rolling Back Parno Graszt, Fono, Hungary
  • Derin Derin Baba Zula, Glitterbeat, Turkey
  • The Exorcism of a Spinster Hope Masike, Riverboat, Zimbabwe
  • Lajko Felix & Volosi Lajko Felix & Volosi, Fono, Hungary/Poland
  • A Universe that roasts Blossoms for a horse Sirom, Tak:til / Glitterbeat, Slovenia
  • Um Corpo no Mundo Luedji Luna, Stern’s/ybmusic, Brazil

  • Future Flora Black Flower, SDBAN Ultra, Belgium
  • La Face Cachee Wuta Mayi, Stern’s, DR Congo
  • Recife 19 DJ Dolores, Stern’s, Brazil

  • Pura Vida (Banda Sonora) Misia, Galileo MC, Portugal
  • Gaizca Project Ialma / Manu Sabate / Inaki Plaza / Ciscu Cardona / Nicolas Scalliet, Homerecords, Spain
  • Amadran Baba Sissoko, Homerecords, Mali
  • Sabur Korjen, Indies Scope, various countries
  • Allj Bele a Melybe / Stand Into the Deep Meszecsinka, CPL-Music / NarRator, Hungary
  • Forro por ai Serelepe, Serelepe, Brazil

  • Strange Suite Ateshkhan Yuseinov, Riverboat, Bulgaria
  • Mrak Boban Markovic Orkestar, Fono, Serbia
  • I love you Inna Oumar Konate, Clermont, Mali