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Flavia Coelho releases two EPs still in 2018

Flavia Coelho releases two EPs still in 2018

The singer and songwriter from Rio, Flavia Coelho takes the Brazilian voice to the French. With a new version of the song Quer vadiar, the artist releases this year, two EPs by the Brazilian label Novíssima Música Brasileira, directed and with curatorship of Marcelo Monteiro.

Together, the EPs total 14 songs that summarize the path of the singer in Europe, especially in France. The first, Flavia Coelho volume 1, will be released on December 7th with the songs: Quer vadiar (Acoustic 2018), Bossa muffin, O que sou, Periferia, Paraíso, Passou passou e Mulher.

At its turn, the EP Flavia Coelho volume 2 arrives to the market a week later, on December 14, with the songs: Por cima (MoLaudiRemix), Sunshine (Acoustic 2018), Pai de santo, Geral, A foto, Adios, and Se ligue (TorVatzRemix).

Flávia began her career in 2006 in Paris, singing in subways and bars until she met Bika Bika and Victor Vaugh, her music producer, and began to see her career boost.

She then began to attract a growing audience in Europe with shows and albums such as Bossa muffin (Muffin Bossa) (2011), Mundo meu (2014,) and Sonho real (2016). Now, she plans to make her way back and conquer the Brazilians.

Unlike many artists based abroad, and although singing in Portuguese, she does not stick to bossa nova and samba and leads a career focused on the audience interested in world music.

Listen to the single Quer vadiar: