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Emicida releases his new album “AmarElo”

Emicida releases his new album “AmarElo”

Brazilian rapper Emicida has just released his new album with 11 new songs. This is the first solo work of the singer in 4 years. “AmarElo” has remarkable features, powerful rhymes that are up to date and poetic, but sung more slowly this time.

Always talking about the experiences and daily struggles of black people, Emicida is known for combining rap with MPB and samba. The songs are produced by names such as Nave, Mario Caldato, Damien Seth and DJ Duh, and the new album has the participation of Zeca Pagodinho, Pabllo Vittar, Dona Onete and even of actress Fernanda Montenegro in the track entitled “Ismália”.

The album title was inspired by a Paulo Leminski’s poem (amar é um elo | entre o azul | e o amarelo [love is a link | between blue and yellow]), and the artist’s intention was to use the heritage, references and particulars found in Brazilian music and apply to them the views and the knowledge he has been developing since the release of his first (classic) mixtape, “Pra Quem Já Mordeu um Cachorro por Comida, Até Que Eu Cheguei Longe…” (2009).

In the song “Quem Tem um Amigo (Tem Tudo)”, Emicida highlights the beauty of having someone you can count on and also pays homage to samba artist Wilson das Neves (1936 – 2017). “Mr. Wilson had no WhatsApp, so he used to send me the melodies recorded in a cassette tape via postal service. I was working on something to be recorded by both of us, but unfortunately he died”, says the rapper. The song then became and ode to friendship and has the collaboration of singer Zeca Pagodinho, the duo Os Prettos and the Japanese group Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.

“Ismália” was inspired by the poem with the same title written by Alphonsus de Guimaraens (a pseudonym of Afonso Henrique da Costa Guimarães). “Usually such poem is seen as something romantic, as a text about the craziness of love. For me, it’s a metaphor of what is like being black in Brazil”, explains the rapper. The voice of singer Larissa Luz gives the strength and the urgency to the themes addressed by the lyrics. The poem entitled “Ismália” is read by Fernanda Montenegro. “Having the greatest Brazilian living actress to interpret those words makes our message deeper”, defines Emicida.

The last three songs of “AmarElo” are singles that have been released before. “Eminência Parda” (with the participation of Dona Onete, Jé Santiago and Papillon), title song “AmarElo” (with the participation of Pabllo Vittar and Majur; and sample from “Sujeito de Sorte”, by Belchior) and “Libre” (with the participation of French-Cuban duo Ibeyi) were those that prepared the ground and exemplify the social experiment proposed by Emicida in the album following “Sobre Crianças, Quadris, Pesadelos e Lições de Casa…” (2015).

In such tracks, Emicida focuses respectively on showing where the real power comes from, stimulating people to look around and see themselves bigger than their problems, and fighting for the right of living, resisting and loving, each person in their own way.

Listen here the new album:

About the artist

Leandro Roque de Oliveira, most widely known as Emicida, is a Brazilian rapper, singer and song writer. He is deemed as one of the greatest breakthrough hip-hop artists in the 2000s. He appeared in the media for the first time with the single “Triunfo“. His debut work was in 2009, a mixtape composed of 25 tracks and entitled “Pra quem já Mordeu um Cachorro por Comida, até que eu Cheguei Longe…”, released by independent record label Laboratório Fantasma. He has been developing a solid 10-year career since then.

Emicida’s full discography:

Studio Albums

  • O Glorioso Retorno de Quem Nunca Esteve Aqui (2013)
  • Sobre Crianças, Quadris, Pesadelos e Lições de Casa… (2015)
  • Língua Franca (2017)
  • AmarElo (2019)


  • Pra Quem Já Mordeu um Cachorro por Comida, Até Que Eu Cheguei Longe… (2009)
  • Emicídio (2010)

Extended Plays (EPs)

  • Sua Mina Ouve Meu Rep tamém (2010)
  • Doozicabraba e a Revolução Silenciosa (2011)
  • Ao Vivo no Rock in Rio (2013)