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Drik Barbosa releases the first single of her new album featuring Karol Conka and Gloria Groove

Drik Barbosa releases the first single of her new album featuring Karol Conka and Gloria Groove

One of the Brazilian rap revelations in 2018, Drik Barbosa releases her new single, “Quem tem joga”, featuring Karol Conka and Gloria Groove. The song also has the special participation of Mirella Barbosa, Drik’s 10-year-old sister. The singer, who is recording her first studio album entitled “Herança”, to be released this year by Laboratório Fantasma label, used as reference 150 bpm funk beats, the characteristic sound of Rio de Janeiro slum parties.

Drik Barbosa says that the song is about female empowerment from the aesthetic point of view, especially the Black women’s perspective, about women having the control on their own bodies. “I thought a lot about what would be the first single of the album. I wanted to talk about our bodies and use funk as a form of corporal expression. So, I decided to combine rap with funk, with the peculiarities of each rhythm, to celebrate the freedom of thought, the freedom of being who we truly are”, she explains.

Karol Conka’s and Gloria Groove’s collaborations added to the song, produced by Grou, other speeches with different characteristics and other ways of talking about self-esteem. “We all promote the same idea. So, it makes sense to have them in this song. I have already invited Karol, but I haven’t decided yet in which song she would participate. Then when I thought about this single I knew her participation had to be in it. And I am a huge fan of Gloria and we had considered working together before. When I was told I could have another collaborator, I invited immediately”, says Drik.

Fred Ouro Preto and Thatiane Almeida directed the “Quem tem joga” music video, which elevates the personalities of Drik Barbosa, Karol Conka, Gloria Groove and Mirella. The video also uses the dance and corporal expression of dancers Darlita Albino, Gabb Cabo Verde and Aline AfroBreak as a form of protest and empowerment.

The single is already available at all digital platforms and you can watch the music video here.