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Caetano Veloso performs international tour with Ofertório show

Caetano Veloso performs international tour with Ofertório show

Musician, producer, arranger, writer and one of the greatest singers and composers of Brazilian music with more than five decades of career, Caetano Veloso, together with his sons Moreno, Zeca, and Tom, performs an international tour in 2019 with the show Ofertório.

The title comes from a song made especially for the mass for the 90 years of the mother of Caetano. Successes like O Leãozinho, Reconvexo and Um canto de afoxé para o bloco do Ilê, and the new composition Todo Homem, by Zeca Veloso are part of the show.

Caetano idealized the project as a tribute to his mother’s memory. And the show is also dedicated to the mothers of his sons and his friend and songwriting partner, Cézar Mendes. “I sing with them for what this represents of joy celebration, without considering the social sense of heritage”, he says.

The initial tour of the show took Caetano and his sons to various Brazilian capitals and cities in Europe and generated a DVD. In 2019, between March and June, it will reach the United States, Chile, Argentina, Switzerland, and Germany.


Check out the international agenda of the tour:

29/03 – Lollapalooza/Chile

31/03- Lollapalooza/Argentina

05/04- Oakland

07/04 – Los Angeles

09/04 – Chicago

12 e 13/04 – New York

15/04 – North Bethesda

18/04 – Boston

20/04 – Miami

27/06 – Zurique

29/06 – Munique


Listen to Ofertório: