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Bullet Bane, an influent Brazilian hardcore band, releases new album “Ponto”

Bullet Bane, an influent Brazilian hardcore band, releases new album “Ponto”

Despite being most widely known for other music genres, Brazil is also the place of birth of amazing rock bands. One of the strongest subgenres in the country is hardcore, and Bullet Bane is one of its most important representatives.

The band has been on the road since 2009, when its name used to be Take Off The Halter. The group had three full albums so far, and its fourth record was released last March. Ponto marks a new phase in the career of the band from São Paulo, which now has a new lead singer. When former singer Victor Francisco left the group in 2019, Arthur Mutanen Tai, who also has a solo career, took over the vocals.

The band now keeps its essence and also introduces more melodic elements to its music, addressing more intimate themes in its lyrics. The group’s repertoire includes acoustic songs that make an interesting contrast with the heavier ones, the signature of the band. The new songs are already part of Bullet Bane’s current setlist and have been well received by those fans who have been following the band’s career since the beginning.

Listen to the album on the player below:

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