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Brasil Music Exchange takes 21 companies to Midem 2019

Brasil Music Exchange takes 21 companies to Midem 2019

The Brazilian delegation is all packed and ready to go to Midem 2019. The event will take place on June 4-7 in Cannes, France, and the group composed of 21 Brazilian companies representing the diversity that characterizes the several segments of Brazilian music, including managers, producers, bookers, labels and festivals, will be there. The participation of such companies is supported by Brasil Music Exchange (BME), a Brazilian music fostering project carried out by means of a partnership between Brasil, Música & Artes (BM&A) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

The expectation of Leandro Ribeiro, BME Project Manager, is that Midem 2019 will be as successful as the previous editions, keeping the participation of Brazil in an ascending trajectory. “Events like this show the quality and the potential of Brazilian music, not only to the industry, but also to the international press”, he states. To Filipe Teixeira, partner of Milk, a digital marketing agency that works exclusively with artists, this is a great opportunity to build bridges. This is the first time the company goes to Midem and he expects to make contact with foreign companies and artists interested in the Brazilian market.

“Brazil is one of the music markets that have been showing the highest growth year after year. We see a strong internationalization movement – both on the part of artists who are building their careers abroad and on the part of the domestic market, which has been more receptive to music genres that did not use to be so successful in the country and that are finally reaching the general audience. One example is Latin music, which despite of the geographic proximity has gained power in Brazil only now”, he says.

Selo Sesc is also part of the Brazilian delegation participating in the event and, according to coordinator Wagner Palazzi, Brazilian music is going through an excellent phase, with more and more international tours and increased connection between people from all over the world and music from different countries. “Brazil’s strongest feature is diversity, for sure. After all, our country is so vast. Each region has its peculiarities, resulting in a wide range of music styles and genres that are interesting to the rest of the word too. Also, what I have noticed in BMA events, in which I have been participating since 2012, is that artists are now more organized and dedicated to their career planning. The only obstacle we face is the language, since we have the entire Latin America to explore, but Portuguese is limiting from market’s perspective”, he explains.

Brazilian companies that will be present in the event: Agência Milk, Belic Arte.Cultura Brazil, Cada Instante Produtora e Gravadora, Casa de Abelha Cultural, CLAV Music Business Intelligence, Dubas Música, Favela Sounds – Slums’ Culture International Festival, GRV Music Media e Entertainment, HeadSail Music, Iduna Produções, IMúsica, Irmãos Vitale, Joe Silhueta, Rodrigo Bezerra, Sema Pensa e Faz, Selo Sesc, Souto Correa, Spottlight / Musics Net, Tropical Connexion – Diferente Arte, Unlimited Music Produções Artísticas e Edições Musicais and Villa-Lobos Produções.


Created in 1967, the event is the main international market for music community. It is a meeting point for professionals in the phonographic industry, services and technology for the purpose of doing business in the field of recorded or original music, copyrights, brands, communications agencies and other services.


Brasil Music Exchange (BME) is a Brazilian music fostering project carried out since 2002 by means of a partnership between Brasil, Música & Artes (BM&A) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). For such purpose, BME organizes several activities to promote the business and the image of Brazil abroad.