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Atitude 67: the Brazilian band that fuses samba, rap and pagode

Atitude 67: the Brazilian band that fuses samba, rap and pagode

The lyrics by Atitude 67 stick to the mind of Brazilian youngsters. The group explores a fun repertoire that combines samba and pagode with a touch of rap and, in December, is going to release the first part of their DVD, “Label 67”.

The band, top-ranked in several Brazilian music charts, is composed of Pedrinho Pimenta (vocals), Éric Polizér (acoustic guitar and vocals), Karan Cavallero (tambourine and vocals), GP (rebolo drum), Leandro Osmar (reco-reco) and Regê (surdo drum). All musicians were born in the city of Campo Grande, in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, in the Middle West region of Brazil.

What started as a leisure activity in 2003 turned into work in 2007. Since then, the band produced several hits, such as “Cerveja de Garrafa”, “Vem”, “Tão linda” and “A Gente Se Pá”. Their works include the live album “Corleone”, released in 2018, and the EPs “Laje 67”, “Praia 67”, “Luau 67” and “Casa 67”. The number 67 is the area code for phone calls to the State of Mato Grosso do Sul.

This year the band was one of the highlights of the 26th Multishow Awards, which took place last October, and was the winner in the Group of the Year category. Pedrinho Pimenta talked with the Brasil Music Exchange website about the fast and explosive trajectory of the band.

How did the band start?
It started as a group of friends who used to gather in the garage to play music in their teens. Because the band members were under age and could not go to night clubs, they started organizing small events for their school friends, and eventually they ended up creating a whole new music scene in the city of Campo Grande – MS!

Who introduced Atitude 67 in the music industry?
Dudu Borges was the guy who believed in us. He saw us playing in some bars in São Paulo, then we were invited to record our first album. And that’s how it began.

How important was the Multishow Awards for the band’s career?
Very important! It was our first national award, and considering the number of groups in the country… we felt honored. And our visibility increased. For those who did not know our work, that was the first contact. But it also increased our responsibility, you know?

Is there any release in sight for 2019 yet?
We are planning to release the first part of our DVD, “Label 67”, still this year, probably in December.

Have you ever thought about an international tour?
We have always thought about it; that’s our dream. Many friends and colleagues who are artists from several genres of music are going to perform abroad now. We hope we could do it soon.


Listen here one of the most famous music from the band