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A new album of Ira! is expected for 2020

A new album of Ira! is expected for 2020

Ira! is going to release a new album this year. The last record with the most recent songs of the band is “Invisível DJ”, from 2007. At that time, the group decided to stop its activities for a while, but they came back in action in 2013, with the classic formation of the band, including Edgard Scandurra and Nasi. Ira! started playing in the ‘80s and has a solid career in Brazil.

The new album will address contemporaneous themes, such as in the track “Mulheres à frente da tropa”, a new song composed by Scandurra. He is the author of the melody and the lyrics, which elevate the power of women who fight sexism.

The band’s career includes 11 studio albums and 4 live records, as well as one EP released in 1983. Known for its relevance in the Brazilian rock scene, in 2015 Ira! took thousands of people to Rock in Rio, one of the largest music festivals in the world.

The band was created by friends Scandurra and Marcos Valadão, a.k.a. Nasi. Their first gig was at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Despite of what the name of the band may seem to suggest, it has nothing to do with the Irish Republican Army. The name was chosen because, in Portuguese, “ira” means an intense rage towards a person or situation causing damages to someone.