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10 songs to get to know the great Moraes Moreira, founder of Brazilian band Novos Baianos

10 songs to get to know the great Moraes Moreira, founder of Brazilian band Novos Baianos

Brazilian music lovers are grieving the death of Moraes Moreira last Monday (13) at the age of 72. One of the greatest musicians from Brazil, the singer born under the name of Antônio Carlos Moraes Pires in the city of Ituaçu, countryside of Bahia, in the Northeast region of the country, was one of the original members of Novos Baianos and left as a legacy a prolific solo career and songs that are known and sung by different generations.

The artist moved to Salvador, another city in Bahia, where he met other important musicians, such as Tom Zé, his music partner for many years. It was in Salvador that Moraes combined his musical influences with rhythms like rock, bossa nova, psychedelic and frevo, among others, and created his unique style.

With Baby Consuelo, Pepeu Gomes, Paulinho Boca de Cantor and Luiz Galvão, Moraes Moreira formed Novos Baianos, the band that released in 1972 one of the most influential albums in the history of Brazilian music: Acabou Chorare. A few years later, in 1975, Moraes started his solo career with a homonymous record and gave the world historic songs such as “Sintonia”, “Desabafo e Desafio” and “Pombo Correio”.

To honor such genius of Brazilian music, we selected 10 essential songs for you to get to know and fall in love with the work of Moraes Moreira. Check it out!

1. “Preta, Pretinha” – Novos Baianos (1972)

2. “A Menina Dança” – Novos Baianos (1972)

3. “Lá vem o Brasil Descendo a Ladeira” – Moraes Moreira (1979)

4. “Pelas Capitais” – Moraes Moreira (1979)

5. “Mistério do Planeta” – Novos Baianos (1972)

6. “Sintonia” – Moraes Moreira (1993)

7. “Cosmos e Damião” – Novos Baianos (1973)

8. “Pombo Correio” – Moraes Moreira (1977)

9. “Brasil Pandeiro” – Novos Baianos (1972)

10. “Vassourinha Elétrica” – Moraes Moreira (1980)