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Trupe Chá de Boldo releases new single “Parque do Bixiga”

Trupe Chá de Boldo releases new single “Parque do Bixiga”

The São Paulo collective Trupe Chá de Boldo released the single “Parque do Bixiga”, a carnival song to protest against the real estate speculation of the district that bears the same name. The objective is also to popularize a fight that lasts almost four decades and is formed by residents of the neighborhood, artists and associations, with the purpose of defending the area listed as patrimony in the early 1980s.

The song written by Gustavo Galo in partnership with Peri Pane, will be released in single which cover brings the art of Julia Valiengo, singer that integrates the team of vocalists of the Troupe Chá de Boldo next to Ciça Góes, Leila Pereira and Gustavo Galo himself.

The recording of the song was in January of this year, in a studio located in the district of São Paulo itself, with production shared between Magí Batalla and the Trupe Chá de Boldo.

Listen to the single here: