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Trio Muntchako releases debut album

Trio Muntchako releases debut album

Foto Muntchako

The Brazilian band Muntchako releases their debut album, which has the name of the band, on vinyl and on digital platforms. The work is produced by Curumin, and gathers seven instrumental tracks written by the three artists: Samuel Mota (guitar, synths and programming), Rodrigo Barata (drums and samples) and Macaxeira Acioli (percussion and samples).

The cover, made by the Paraguayan illustrator Shiko, is composed by the image of a character with the Mexican “lucha libre” mask. The distinctive style is also present in the songs that make up the album with a fusion of universal rhythms and beats, mixing organic timbres with electronic beats.

Miscellaneous influences

The first track “Golpe” is linked to the concept of the cover and represents the daily struggle and the life of the musicians. The sonority unites the Latin-American kuduro with the seventies’ banjo. In a very different style, there is ” Cardume de Volume “, a carioca funky mixed with Argentine tango, that counts with the participation of MC Deize Tigrona.

Soon after the release, Muntchako entered the festival circuits in Brazil and was selected by curator of fairs like SIM (International Music Week of São Paulo) and Music World in Belo Horizonte. Outside of Brazil, they performed in Colombia at La Fiesta del Libro y de la Cultura, with the presence of other Brazilian artists such as Liniker and the Caramelows and Dona Odete, an experience that helped them improve their regional understanding and include this in the presentantios.

The band participates in the Brazilian Music Exchange (BME), a Brazilian music export project carried out through a partnership between Brasil, Music & Arts (BM&A) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).