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Four Brazilians win awards at the Independent Music Awards

Four Brazilians win awards at the Independent Music Awards

Premiação do Independent Music Awards

The Independent Music Awards is the most important independent music event in the world. The 16th edition had 400 nominated artists and four Brazilians returned home with award trophies. The ceremony took place on March 31 in New York.

Guitarist Celso Salim won in the categories “Best blues album” and “Jazz with vocals”. The band Sai da Frente won “Best debut album”. The pianist Gustavo Ballesteros, with “Best instrumental song”, and the singer Delia Fischer with “Best Latin Music”.

Other three Brazilians were nominated for IMA: Lisa Kalil (Best debut album), Jô Nunes (Best DVD) and Gabriella Grisi (Best Latin EP).

The 16th edition had the largest delegation of national artists in the history of the awards, which had previously indicated only seven Brazilians to the award. “These figures show that there is space and that maybe it is the moment of Brazilian artists in the international market,” comments Lisa Kalil in an interview with BME.

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