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The presence of the Bureau Export de La Musique Française at the BMS

The presence of the Bureau Export de La Musique Française at the BMS

The first edition of the Brasil Music Summit (BMS) is taking place at Unibes Cultural in São Paulo on December 4 and 5. The event was created with the aim of supplying content and generating business for music industry professionals in the areas of synchronization and music branding. The expectation is that various interested parties will attend, both from Brazil and from abroad.

One of the international supporters of the event is the Bureau Export de La Musique Française, an organization that seeks to promote French music globally. The event will also include the French publishing house Anteprima Prime Publisher, which specializes in the area.

According to Matthieu Darti, co-founder of Anteprima Prime Publisher, “the objective is to make initial contacts with local music supervisors and present our catalog. We are looking for potential representation for our catalog of music for images. On the other side, we are also open to opportunities for representation and sub-editing of local catalogs for the French market.”

The event is organized thanks to a partnership between Brasil Music Exchange (BME), Brazil Music & Arts (BM&A), and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). In addition to rounds of conversations, workshops, and other activities, BMS will also include shows by musicians such as Emicida, Larissa Luz, Bixiga 70, and others.

To buy credentials for the event, please access the site.