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Tássia Reis releases “Ansiejazz”, first song of her new album

Tássia Reis releases “Ansiejazz”, first song of her new album

Singer-songwriter Tássia Reis released “Ansiejazz”, the first single of her new album. The track is a neo-soul, an R&B futuristic subgenre, full of layers and with a charming atmosphere that includes a sax solo part.

Almost autobiographic, the song is about long-distance relationships, longing for the loved one and multiple truths that compose a story of love and honesty verse by verse. “I wanted to talk about the anxiety we feel when we fall in love for someone, about the very beginning of a relationship, you know? So, that is a very nice feeling. On the other hand, having a long-distance relationship could be hard. Almost all my songs are about life in general. I like talking about our feelings and sensations. As I see it, we are able to reflect deeply on such things this way”, she explains.

Tássia counts on the participation of Jhow Produz (drums and musical production), Sintia Piccin (tenor saxophone), Weslei Rodrigo (bass), Gabriel Gaiardo (Rhodes piano), Rafael Costa (guitar) and Richard Fermino (trumpet) in the released song.

The music video by Camila Tuon and Marcela Tissot was also released. Among several scenarios, changes of costumes, make-up and art, Tássia Reis comes intense, passionate and sexy. All the scenes of the video were shot in Teatro Centro da Terra and Bar Buraco, both in São Paulo.

Watch the “Ansiejazz” music video, available at all digital platforms: