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Spotify opens music house to discover new female artists

Spotify opens music house to discover new female artists

Streaming platform Spotify opens the music house “Casa de Música Escuta as Minas” in São Paulo. The company’s new project intends to strengthen the work of new female artists in the music industry. The initiative provides all the support required for the production of high-quality materials, emphasizing the mentoring by talents such as Negra Li, Priscilla Alcântara, MC Pocahontas and the Brazilian country duos Maiara & Maraísa.

The immersive process involves groups of 12 women, and participants should be giving the first steps in their careers and have an authorial style of work to apply for. All music genres are accepted, and the only restriction is that the candidates must not have signed a contract with a label yet.

During the program, each artist spends one week in the music house to record a single and use the infrastructure and other resources of the building, such as recording studio, mixing room and workshop spaces with an easy atmosphere and unusual fun objects that stimulate creativity, such as a typewriter and cassette tapes, as well as a ball pool in the bathroom.

The first participants have already been chosen, and Ni Munhoz, Bárbara Amorim, LUDI, Bibi Caetano, Souto MC, Marujos, Urias, Nina Oliveira, Samantha Machado, The Monic and Luana Marques are among the lucky ones. In September the house will start a new selection process to reveal new talents.