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Project Nada Ficou No Lugar honors Adriana Calcanhotto

Project Nada Ficou No Lugar honors Adriana Calcanhotto

Nada Ficou No Lugar

The project Nada Ficou No Lugar honors the singer and songwriter Adriana Calcanhotto, gathering new names of Brazilian music. The artists will sing 18 of her songs, ranging from electronic to bossa nova, passing through pop, tacky, and rap. In total, there will be three EPs released by Xirê and Sony Music, with the idealization and curatorship of Andrea Franco and Zé Pedro.

The first part of the album reaches all digital platforms on December 21 with Johnny Hooker, Mahmundi, Rubel, Priscila Tossan, Ava Rocha, and OQuadro. They sing Mentiras, Cariocas, Porque você faz cinema, Vambora, and Âmbar e Negros, respectively.

On January 18, the second EP opens with the rapper from Bahia Baco Exu do Blues singing Senhas, followed by Alice Caymmi singing Metade, Attooxxá com Toda sexta-feira and Mãeana in O amor me escolheu. The singers Illy and Larissa Luz close the group with re-readings of Pelos ares and Vai saber, respectively. The third part, to be released on February 15, has Preta Gil in Pode se remoer, Duda Beat with Seu Pensamento, Jaloo with Esquadros, Letrux with Já reparô?, Arthur Nogueira with Cantada, and Tais Alvarenga with Inverno.

“I do not see much fun in anyone taking one of my songs and recording it the way I did. Just as I like to think the songs of other songwriters as a material to be worked on, modified and appropriated, that is what I expect them to do with my own things. In the case of this project, I was very pleased in knowing that the disrespect is total”, says the honoree.


Watch the video for the launching of the project, released by Adriana Calcanhotto: