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Brazilian quality music and star chef cheered up weekend in Moscow

Brazilian quality music and star chef cheered up weekend in Moscow

The weekend was busy for Brazil also outside of the lawns in Moscow. On Saturday and Sunday, Gian Correa Quintet, the band Selvagens à Procura de Lei and Chef Guga Rocha intensified the Brazilian invasion to Powerhouse Moscow, a mix of concert hall and restaurant located in one of the neighborhoods with the most vocation for the creative economy of City.

The activities are part of the Brasil Music Club in Russia Cup project, an initiative of Brasil, Música & Artes (BM&A), in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) through the Brasil Music Exchange, and the Ministry of Culture (MinC).

On Saturday, the instrumental group led by the 7-string guitarist, composer and arranger Gian Correa performed to a music-loving audience. On Sunday, the program began at 3pm (Russian time) with Chef Guga Rocha, who prepared a tropical fish with mango vinaigrette dressing, coconut rice and banana farofa. To compose the Northeastern atmosphere, the sound was on behalf of the band from the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, Selvagens à Procura de Lei. The chef, who has experience in more than 30 countries, was delighted with the Powerhouse structure. “We prepared the fish in the barbecue grill, more Brazilian impossible,” he commented.

Brazilian programming in Moscow continues until the end of the Cup and includes names like Saulo Duarte, Mat’nália and Hermeto Pascoal.


July 3th   

7:00pm – Marti’nália singer

July 6th

7:00pm – Sandália de Prata band

July 8th 

5:00pm – Yangos band + Chef Alysson Muller (lunch begins to be served at 3pm)

July 10th 

7:00pm – Combo Cordeiro band + Chef Felipe Schaedler (dinner starts to be served at 6pm)

July 13th 

7:00pm – Saulo Duarte + Chef Guga Rocha (dinner starts to be served at 6pm)

July 14th 

7:00pm – Curumin singer


Powerhouse Moscow | Goncharnaya Ulitsa, 7/4

About BME

The Brasil Music Exchange (BME) is a Brazilian music export project carried out through a partnership between Brasil, Música & Artes (BM&A) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). The project has a long-term relation across the local music industry: labels, publishers, music festivals, studios, trade bodies, performing rights organizations and media.

See the photos below:

Brasil Music Club - Selvagens à Procura de Lei e Gian Correa Quinteto