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Nômade Festival 2019 will have its 2nd edition in October 12

Nômade Festival 2019 will have its 2nd edition in October 12

The 2nd edition of Nômade Festival will take place in October 12 at Memorial da América Latina, in the city of São Paulo. The program of the event has over 10 hours, including five shows of major names of the Brazilian music scene.

Duo Anavitória, singer Arnaldo Antunes, soul band Liniker e os Caramelows, singer and song writer Johnny Hooker and pop singer Luedji Luna compose the lineup. Besides the music program bringing Brazilian artists only, the event also includes art interventions and a gastronomic fair. 

According to the event organizer, Nômade Festival is a project aiming at approaching different aspects, such as environmental, social, cultural and economic, in a single place. Its purpose is to promote meetings and gather together people of different styles and social classes by means of Brazilian popular music. 

The first edition of Nômade Festival was in 2018 and took to the stage Lulu Santos, Céu, Silva, 5 a Seco (with participation of Maria Gadú) and Bolero Freak.

Check out below a brief description of the artists participating in the 2019 edition:

Born in the city of Araguaína (TO), the duo became an internet hit after recording a music video and releasing an EP in 2015. The girls won their first gold record award in 2017, the same year when they won the Latin Grammy award in the Best Portuguese Language Song category for “Trevo (Tu)”, written by Ana Caetano and Tiago Iorc.

Arnaldo Antunes
The diversified styles of the singer, song writer, poet, visual artist and performer propose a limitless repertoire. In his new show, Arnaldo Antunes expands the concept of dialog between rock and samba by alternating between them, and also brings songs from album “RSTUVXZ” (2018), rock songs recorded by him (“Fora de si”, “Televisão”, “Essa Mulher”) and sambas (“Alegria”, “Talismã”, “Só Solidão”) that were emblematic in his career.

Liniker e os Caramelows
Liniker is a representative of the new soul generation. On the stage, the powerful voice of singer Liniker Barros is combined with the sound produced by her band, “os Caramelows”: Renata Éssis on backing vocal, Rafael Barone on the bass, William Zaharanszki on the guitar, Márcio Bortoloti on the trumpet and Pericles Zuanon on the drums.

Luedji Luna
Bahia-born singer and song writer Luedji Luna released her first album, “Um Corpo no Mundo”, in 2017. The work combines different rhythms, such as MPB, samba, African rhythms, Bahia percussion and jazz, with lyrics addressing social themes, especially African-Brazilian identity.

Johnny Hooker
The singer and song writer born in Recife blends Brazilian rhythms such as samba, brega, frevo, guitarrada and axé in his album “Coração” (2017). In 2019, he was nominated by the UN Free & Equal campaign in Brazil as a “UN equality champion” in official recognition of his support to the United Nations initiative for equal rights and fair treatment for LGBTI people.