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Mdois produces Brazilian League of Legends Championship finals soundtrack

Mdois produces Brazilian League of Legends Championship finals soundtrack

The company mdois has produced the soundtrack for the Brazilian League of Legends Championship finals, one of the most played games worldwide. For this year, it also had the participation of the musician and entrepreneur Emicida (album “10 Anos de Triunfo”).

Several segments of the creative economy are investing more and more on digital games. The musical production is one of the most characteristics aspects of eSports. Mdois has been created just five years ago and it has become a partner of Riot Games in 2014, when they also created the soundtracks for the Brazilian League of Legends Championship opening (CBLoL).

Samuel Ferrari, executive producer of mdois, explains that working with Riot Games requires a commitment from the parties involved in the process. Together, companies explore the technical, artistic and musical skills of each project, as well as people management, processes, financial management, and problem solving.

In an interview for Brasil Music Exchange (BME), Samuel shares the experience of working with Riot Games and the perspectives on musical production in the national and international market:

How was the experience working on the musical production of the Brazilian Championship of League of Legends?

CBLoL is the type of work that puts all our skills to the test: musical, artistic and technical, as well as the ability to manage people, processes, financial management and problem solving (quickly and accurately). Because it is a multimedia event, we always interact with several teams and companies of various sizes, and this relationship brings a lot of learning since we did not have a formal “business education”, we are essentially musicians. Dealing with these other companies has been very healthy.

How did this partnership happen?

We have been working with Riot Games since 2014 and the partnership took place on behalf of an encouraging friend. In that occasion, we did not perform the work for which they indicated us, but we kept in touch. After a few months and a little persistence, we had a meeting to talk about another job and we have been partners ever since. Riot is the company that took eSport to another level. For us , it has been a challenge and an honor to share a little bit of this story here in Brazil.

Do you think that soundtrack for games is a trend for music producers?

For some years, the global gaming market has been bigger than the movie industry, for example. In Brazil, the market is growing every year. We have been attending the BIG Festival since 2014 and the opportunities and professionalism of the people who visit and speak have increased brutally. The difference is very clear.

This growth ultimately helps the creative economy of our country in a general way and this is also expanding the job market for audio professionals, animation, programmers, project managers, art directors, etc. Going more directly to the question, we presence more and more colleagues in the area, but really few invest in knowledge, technologies and, mainly, update. The “reference” for many people is still old, when they played video games in childhood and did not play anymore.

To work in this field, it is very important to know the mechanics of a game, even at a basic level, to follow the technologies, the games, and how the audio is exploited in this new language. It is rather a trend for audio companies, but we have seen more companies starting their activities in the area than companies making a “transition”.

Do you see the championship as a source of attracting new customers?

Yes. The event has a giant exposure, reaching up to 2 million people from online streaming to closed TV and other media, which ends up attracting attention also from companies that do not make games, like cinema or TV. It is a great window to show our work.

What are the biggest challenges in the creations for the editions of the show with Riot Games?

We see two major challenges in the projects. As it is a multimedia show and the music ends up assuming a role of “conducting” it, we interact a lot with other teams and we change the work many times due to various technical and artistic issues. In 2017, for example, we worked around six months on a 15-minute show and we kept changing (and improving) the material until a day before, literally. The second issue is innovation. We created the theme song of the championship in 2014 and, for each edition, we make new arrangements, invite different musicians, research instruments together with Riot. It is always a challenge to think “What will we do differently in this work?”.

What are the company’s plans for export? Do the production for the international championship or other games?

We already participated in an international championship and it was a great experience, we learned a lot. Since the eSport market is growing in the country, it is possible that other games / championships will come here and create other opportunities. We have also attended more and more events in the area and this is already attracting some international fruits. We hope to put them into practice soon. Generally, entering the international market is a great opportunity for us to better evaluate and understand our competitive capacity vis-à-vis other companies.

The company mdois actively participates in the actions promoted by Brasil Music Exchange (BME), a Brazilian music exportation project, carried out through a partnership between Brasil, Musica & Artes (BM&A) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

Check out the opening of CBLoL 2018: