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Group of artists promotes event “Somos Moçambique”

Group of artists promotes event “Somos Moçambique”

Aiming at calling the attention to the urgent need of aid to Mozambique, a group of Brazilian artists created the special night event called “Somos Moçambique” (We Are Mozambique), which will take place in May 7 at 9 p.m. at Casa Natura Musical, in the city of São Paulo.

Having in mind the devastation resulting from the cyclone that caused many deaths and left a high number of unsheltered survivors in that country, the event intends to celebrate some strong bonds between Brazil and Mozambique: the music and the language. Portuguese is the fifth most spoken language in the world and the most spoken language in the South Hemisphere, and the Portuguese Language Day is celebrated worldwide in May 5. Embassies in Brasília of countries that are members of CPLP (Community of Portuguese Language Speaking Countries), as well as the Red Cross, are supporting such initiative to help Mozambique.

The event includes shows of artists such as Alessandra Leão, Anelis Assumpção, Anna Setton, Anna Tréa, Arnaldo Antunes, Batucada Tamarindo, Clarianas, Craca e Dani Negra, Curumin, Diego Moraes, Fabiana Cozza, Gumboot Dance Brasil, Horoya, Ian Cardoso, Illy, Jaloo, Josyara, Karol Conka, Kastrup, Lucas Santtana, Luedji Luna, Luiza Lian, Márcia Castro, Mc Tha, Mestrinho, Mondhoro, Nicolas Krassik, Nina Oliveira, Nômade, Otis, Pipoquinha, Preta Rara, Samba da Nega Duda, Samuca e a Selva, Simoninha, Timeline Trio, Tulipa Ruiz, Tuto Ferraz, and Xênia França, among others. With artistic direction by Marcus Preto, musicians and singers will perform on the stage alone or in duos, in many surprising encounters.

The entire income resulting from ticket sales and the money from donations will be donated via the Red Cross to the victims of the cyclone in Mozambique.

For further information on the event, click here.