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European tour of Tássia Reis announced

European tour of Tássia Reis announced

After the release of album “Próspera”, rapper Tássia Reis is preparing for seven shows in Europe in July. The new album is the third in the career of the 29-year-old artist born in São Paulo, who now is going to gain global reach via international festivals.

Tássia said in her social media accounts that she is very happy for having the opportunity to go to Europe for the first time and play in big festivals as part of her international tour, which will start at the Roskilde Festival, in Denmark, in July 6.

In July 13, the rapper goes to London (England), where she will perform at the Walthamstow Garden Party. Then, she has two shows scheduled in Saint-Nazaire: one at Escales Au Jardin and another at The Black Sheep, both in July 24. In the next day she will perform at the Sfinks Festival, in Boechout (Belgium). Finally, in July 26 and 28, Tássia will get back to Saint-Nazaire for her last shows at Les Escales.

The singer flows through various styles and genres, such as rhythm & blues, rap, trap and samba, for example, and the mix of all these influences is evidenced in “Próspera”. In her new album, Tássia reflects on life: “This record came from the need of believing that we can be better than we are now and succeed in several areas: personal, love, spiritual and financial, too”, said the rapper in an interview to the Zona Suburbana website.

“Próspera” is available on all digital platforms. Click here to listen to the album: