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Delia Fischer rated as a 5-star artist by DownBeat magazine

Delia Fischer rated as a 5-star artist by DownBeat magazine

Six Brazilian artists were rated by the last issue of American magazine DownBeat. Brazilian singer, song writer and pianist Delia Fischer was top-ranked: 5 stars. “Beyond” column listened and rated “Tempo mínimo”, the most recent album released by Delia.

The magazine also rated other Brazilian artists: Banda Black Rio (4 stars), pianist Antonio Adolfo (4.5), violinist Guilherme Pimenta (4), song writer Marcos Valle (3.5) and singer Thalma de Freitas in her duo with American pianist and song writer John Finbury (3.5).

According to columnist Allen Morrison, all the twelve songs of Delia’s new album captivate with their melodies and poetic lyrics. “Fischer’s limpid and understated voice somehow embodies both innocence and experience. The arrangements make creative use of flutes, clarinets, strings and electronica, blending Brazilian, jazz, pop and classical elements to make something sui generis”, wrote the columnist.

In “Tempo mínimo”, Delia had the collaboration of pianist and arranger Sacha Amback, multi-instrumentalist Pretinho da Serrinha, drummer Domenico Lancellotti, guitar player and producer Rodrigo Campello and singer Ed Motta, as well as of Matias Correa and Antonio Fischer-Band.

The artist was a breakthrough pianist in the 1980s, when she formed Duo Fênix with song writer Claudio Dauelsberg. In 1999 she started her singer and song writer career with the album entitled “Antonio”.

In 2010 the record “Presente” (2010 – Dubas), which had the collaboration of Egberto Gismonti, Hermeto Pascoal and Ana Carolina, was released. In 2011, Delia revisited the work of multi-instrumentalist Egberto Gismonti in the album “Saudações a Egberto” (2011 – Rob Digital – Brazil).

Read the Beyond column and the entire magazine here: http://downbeat.com/digitaledition/2019/DB1910/default.html

And listen to “Tempo mínimo”: