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China: 5th solo album brings back manguebeat and Pernambuco traditions

China: 5th solo album brings back manguebeat and Pernambuco traditions

In his new album, “Manual de Sobrevivência Para Dias Mortos”, singer and song writer China goes back to his origins and brings to his music elements of Pernambuco traditional culture combined with heavy guitars and percussion. 

Known for his intense and remarkable performance on the stage, China has a solid career in Brazil. This is the fifth solo album of the artist that was part of the Manguebeat movement in the late 1990s with his first band, Sheik Tosado, which used to combine the powerful hardcore sound with Pernambuco traditional rhythms, what they took the stages of the main Brazilian music festivals, such as Rock in Rio and Abril Pro Rock. 

China’s new album was just nominated for the Best Album of 2019 by the Art Critics Association of São Paulo (APCA), one of the most important art prizes in Brazil. “I feel honored by it”, says the singer. “Manual de Sobrevivência para Dias Mortos” was released by label Pedra Onze and is about to be released in vinyl. “We are in talks with foreign labels that are interested in releasing the album”, explains the singer’s manager, Pamella Gachido. 

According to China, the lyrics of his new work show how to survive in a very challenging country: “I always say that living nowadays is a luxury for a very few people; most of us just survive. I had to make my statement as an artist, but especially as a citizen. As I see it, artists are chroniclers of reality”, he points out. 

Produced by his kinsman Yuri Queiroga, winner of a Grammy Latino award, China’s solo album follows “Telemática” (2014), “Moto Contínuo” (2011), “Simulacro” (2007) and “Um Só” (2004). 

China is already on the road. Watch the first show of album promotion here (for subtitles click details and see options)