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Chico Buarque is the winner of Camões Prize for Literature 2019

Chico Buarque is the winner of Camões Prize for Literature 2019

Author, singer and songwriter Chico Buarque is the winner of the 31st edition of the Camões Prize, one of the most prestigious awards for literature in Portuguese language conferred jointly by the governments of Portugal and Brazil. At the age of 74, Chico was the 13th Brazilian writer to be honored with such prize and the 1st in the history of the prize to have his lyrics included as part of set of works.

The jury, composed of representatives from Brazil, Portugal and African countries that have Portuguese as their official language, voted unanimously for Chico because of the “quality and transversality” of his multisided work, “which includes poems, dramas and novels”, and recognized the poetry of his lyrics as well as the literary ones. “The song ‘Construção’, for example, is a rarity”, states Antonio Cicero, member of the jury.

Chico Buarque, born in 1944, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, is one of greatest names of the Brazilian popular music (MPB) and the Brazilian literature. His discography includes 80 albums, and he is the author of twelve books published in 25 countries, such as Croatia, England, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, among others.

The Camões Prize for Literature was created in1988 to honor Portuguese language writers whose set of works had contributed for the development of the literary and cultural heritage of the Portuguese language.

In the 2nd edition of the awards, in 1990, writer João Cabral de Melo Neto was the winner, followed by Rachel de Queiroz (1993), Jorge Amado (1994), Antonio Candido (1998), Autran Dourado (2000), Rubem Fonseca (2003), Lygia Fagundes Telles (2005), João Ubaldo Ribeiro (2008), Ferreira Gullar (2010), Dalton Trevisan (2012), Alberto da Costa e Silva (2014), Raduan Nassar (2016) and, this year, Chico Buarque, who is going to receive EUR 100,000 as a prize in September, in Lisbon.