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Carnival moves millions of people and warms the music industry in Brazil

Carnival moves millions of people and warms the music industry in Brazil

Carnival in Brazil is one of the biggest holidays in the country, what moves the population the most through the streets of cities and warm the music industry’s activities in several capitals. There are several options at this time for the Brazilian to enjoy, among the most famous are the parades of samba schools, festivals with electric stages and street parades, which grow each year. São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Salvador are some of the countries cities that stand out wit.

This holiday also stands out for being one of the most important in the music scene, counting on several presentations of artists/bands. There are celebrations for all styles. See below a little more about the carnival in the two largest capitals of the country:

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has one of the most well-known carnival celebrations. It features more than 100 street parades, many of which are supported by the students and staff of the city’s samba schools. Every neighborhood in the city has its own street band, with more than 300 bands participating in the revelry. The celebration is the culmination of months of preparation and brings many different types of people together.

In 2018, Rio de Janeiro will receive 263 blocks of street for the next seven days in all regions of the city. According to data from Riotur – organ of the special tourism office of the city of Rio – more than 1 million people will join the party until next Wednesday (14).

São Paulo

Despite the existence of some street parades, São Paulo of the twentieth century was a city almost empty in the carnival. The paulistanos traveled to other places at the time, because there were not many options in the capital.

Over time, the celebrations were changing and the metropolis became a tourist spot. Since the 2000s, however, the São Paulo street parades have taken on other proportions, calling various young people and, over the years, attracting millions of people to the streets.

The City Hall of São Paulo estimates that more than 550 groups will participate in the carnival 2018 with the presence of 3 to 4 million revelers. The party’s schedule is concentrated on the first three weekends of February.

 For more information about the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, visit: http://especiais.g1.globo.com/rj/rio-de-janeiro/carnaval/2018/escolha-seu-bloco/

For more information about the carnival in São Paulo, visit: http://especiais.g1.globo.com/sp/sao-paulo/carnaval/2018/escolha-seu-bloco/