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Brazilian singers Letrux, Liniker, Luedji Luna, Maria Gadú and Xênia França release an album together

Brazilian singers Letrux, Liniker, Luedji Luna, Maria Gadú and Xênia França release an album together

Brazilian singers Letrux, Liniker, Luedji Luna, Maria Gadú and Xênia França had just released the album “Acorda amor”, and the name makes reference to a track of “Sinal Fechado” (1974), a record by Chico Buarque in which the artist talks about the violence of the military dictatorship and the persecution he suffered at that time. In their collective album, the musicians express their activist spirit by singing hits from that period.

The album is the result of a work that had started as a carnival party. However, the political events from 2018 changed the direction of the project and gave rise to the gig in which the singers made clear the resistance nature of their performance in that same year. Journalist Roberta Martinelli was responsible for the direction, while Délcio 7, drummer of band Bixiga 70, was in charge for the production and music direction of the record. “Acorda Amor” was released by record label Selo Sesc in January 28 and amplifies the cultural cry of resistance already expressed by the artists on the stage.

In the new album the singers present their own version of songs previously recorded by major Brazilian Popular Music musicians, such as Gilberto Gil, Ivan Lins, Lô Borges and Rita Lee, who used to challenge the political regime of old times with their lyrics.

Among the big hits carefully selected by Délcio and Roberta are songs like “Deixa eu dizer” (Ivan Lins and Ronaldo de Souza), sung by Xênia França; “Não adianta” (Luiz Carlos Fritz and Aloísio), sung by Liniker; “Extra” (Gilberto Gil), sung by Luedi Luna; “Nuvem cigana” (Lô Borges and Ronaldo Bastos), sung by Maria Gadú; and “Saúde” (Rita Lee and Roberto Carvalho) sung by Letrux.

About Letrux

Letrux is the stage name of Letícia Pinheiro de Novaes, a Brazilian singer, composer, instrumentalist, actress and writer. Born in Rio de Janeiro, the 38-year-old artist became more widely known because of her album “Letrux em noite de Climão” (2017).

About Liniker

Brazilian singer from the countryside of São Paulo who currently has a band named Liniker & Os Caramelows. At the age of 24, the musician has been gaining ground in the music scene since 2014. The group released two albums so far: “Resmonta” (2016) and “Goela Abaixo” (2019).

About Luedji Luna

Born in Salvador, the capital of the State of Bahia, the 32-year-old singer started her career in 2011 by captivating the audience in her own State. Soon after she had already drawn the attention in other parts of Brazil and in 2017 her first authorial album “Um Corpo no Mundo” was released. Two years later, such album was also released in Europe by music record Sterns Music and she had her first European tour.

About Maria Gadú

This 33-year-old Brazilian singer from São Paulo has several acclaimed albums, and three of them were nominated to the Latin Grammy Awards: “Maria Gadú” (2010), “Multishow ao vivo: Caetano e Maria Gadú” (2011) and “Guelã” (2015).

About Xênia França

Born in the State of Bahia, Xênia started her career as a fashion model in São Paulo in the beginning of her adult life. In 2008, she started singing in bars and two years later she met for the first time Brazilian rapper Emicida, who invited her to sing in an EP and also in his album from 2010. In 2017, the artist had her first solo album, “Xênia”, released, and such record was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards 2018.

Listen to the album “Acorda amor”: