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Brazilian music market

Brazil is a huge music environment, with sales totalizing USD 229,8 million. With Mexico, it represents 70% of recorded music income in Latin America. The country also has a growing online presence: it is the fifth largest globally in terms of digital users, with around 102 million people. Brazil has also fallen in love with YouTube, with around 98 million users per month and it holds the sixth place on video views.

It has long been a self-contained market. With local repertoire accounting for 70% of music sales and with touring by international acts being an expensive undertaking, the country has long been under the radar as far as the international music industry is concerned.

There are two distinct worlds: that of the traditional music industry (the major label, music publishers, payola, etc) and the independent sector (young managers, DIY artists, indie labels, indie music festivals, etc). The independents are confidently creating the new Brazilian music industry.

There are many opportunities to be found in the Brazilian market. However, there are also lots of specificities you need to know before making business with the local companies. The Brazil Music Exchange can help you, providing information, data, contacts and support. To know more, reach us through the e-mail bme@bma.org.br.