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Brazilian band Os Mutantes releases a new album with English lyrics

Brazilian band Os Mutantes releases a new album with English lyrics

Os Mutantes

The release of the album “Zzyzx” celebrates the comeback of Brazilian band Os Mutantes. The new record is composed of authorial songs that have never been released before. Announced for 2019, this is the 11th studio album of the group, whose previous record got to the market in 2013. Guitar player Sérgio Dias is the only member of the original formation of the band from the ‘60s.

Most of songs have English lyrics and the album evokes the works of the band released in the ‘70s. Record label Jardim Elétrico is going to distribute the new album to Brazil, Japan, Europe and the United States.

The curious name of the album refers to a road in California (USA) that leads to the Area 51, a highly classified United States Air Force facility created during the Cold War period about which there are a series of theories involving the existence of aliens.

The band is currently formed by Esméria Bulgari on the vocals and percussion, Vinícius Junqueira on the bass, Claudio Tchernev on the drums, Henrique Peters on the keyboards and Camilo Macedo on the vocals and guitar, as well as Sérgio Dias on the guitar, of course.

Brazilian Rock

Os Mutantes was a huge success in the ‘60s and ‘70s, when the band was composed of Sérgio Dias, Arnaldo Baptista and Rita Lee. During such period, the group recorded five albums, and they used to make the typical rock of that time with a Brazilian touch.

The main records released in the good old times of the band’s original formation are “Os Mutantes” (1968), “Mutantes” (1969) and “A Divina Comédia ou Ando Meio Desligado” (1970).

The three original members of the band pursued solo careers after a while, but Sérgio has always kept the group alive by recruiting different members over the years and producing new albums from time to time, thus making Os Mutantes to be constantly mentioned as an influence by Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) artists.

In 1993, when Nirvana came to Brazil for a couple of concerts, Kurt Cobain listened to some songs of Os Mutantes and liked it so much that he sent a note to Arnaldo Baptista saying that the band’s music was brilliant. Despite of that contact, a meeting between the artists never happened.

Listen to the band’s new album: