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Brasil Music Summit closes with great results and confirms second edition

Brasil Music Summit closes with great results and confirms second edition

BMS - 04.12.17

About 200 professionals from the music and marketing market were present at Unibes Cultural to check out the first edition of Brasil Music Summit, Sync & Branding. The event is promoted by Brasil Music Exchange (BME), a Brazilian music export project carried out through a partnership between Brasil Música & Artes (BM&A) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

The program brought together industry professionals and companies such as Nike, Puma, Estrella Galícia, Natura and Chilli Beans to discuss synchronization for the audiovisual market and the relationship between brands and artists. The program included 14 lectures and 10 workshops, as well as business rounds and mentoring sessions. In the latter, industry entrepreneurs had the opportunity to present ideas and receive feedback from Yassine Saidi from Puma Global, Spencer Rinaldi, from Nike Brasil, Juan Paz, from Estrella Galícia, and Evandro Fióti, from Laboratório Fantasma.

“We were very pleased with the result. The event was a great success and was attended by a number of professionals qualified in the fields of music branding and sync, both presenting the lectures/workshops and in the audience, seeking knowledge, closing deals, and exchanging ideas. We have already confirmed the second edition, which is expected to take place by late September,” explained the BM&A Manager, Leandro Ribeiro.

International audience

The event was attended by several international guests: Samantha Schilling, Creative Director of Reel Muzik Werks; Carolina Arenas, Head of Audio Network for Latin America; Joel C. High, CEO of Creative Control Entertainment; Marthe-Helene Heraud, musical supervisor; Yassine Saidi, Senior Global Head of Lifestyle at Puma; Frédéric Lagacé, Director-General of the Rimouski International Jazz Festival; Matthieu Darti, Co-Founder of Antemprima Prime, and Geoffroy de Rougé, Director of International Development at Midem.

The professionals highlighted the quality of Brazilian music and commented that there are several opportunities for professionals in Brazil in the segments of external music sync and branding. “Brazilians must educate music supervisors, showing that the country’s production is wonderful and making things happen. This can be done in several ways,” commented Carolina Arenas. “Production must come to us. There are several ways of doing this and, believe me, if the content has relevance, we will certainly listen to it and keep it. It is part of our work” added Marthe-Helene Heraud.

Showcase programming

The showcase program of the event featured six concerts – Emicida, Bixiga 70, Larissa Luz, Saulo Duarte, Nômade Orquestra and Maglore – as well as two DJs – Tudo e MAM. Emicida spoke of the importance of the event: “those of us who love music need to take care of it, debate it and study it, so that it grows in the best way, like a child. That is why events like this are so important to our market”, he concluded.

About BME

Brasil Music Exchange was created in 2002 by the Brasil, Música & Artes (BM&A) and the Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos (Apex-Brasil) to facilitate connecting Brazilian and international companies, establishing partnerships and generating business opportunities.


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