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Boogarins announces new album with global release

Boogarins announces new album with global release

The Boogarins band of Goiás, which performed during the Brasil Music Summit (BMS) 2019, announced their fourth studio album “Sombrou dúvida”, a 10-track work with global release scheduled for May 10, by the American label OAR (Overseas Artists).

Two of these singles were presented this month. “Sombra ou dúvida”” – song named almost identical to the album – was officially released in single and lyric video on February 14, signaling that the Boogarins sound continues with the neopsicodelia that identifies the group in the pop universe.

The single “Tardança”, played by the band on a BBC 6 radio program earlier this month, is available in the archives of the English broadcaster. The vocalist and guitarist Dinho Almeida, in one of the possible explanations for the new album title, says that the band did not want to write songs telling people what to do, but instead helping them to find their way whatever it is. “So, on the album, there are more questions than answers”, he says.

With shows scheduled in the United States in March, England in July, and Portugal in August, the band confirms its international success.

Check the dates of the shows:
12 e 17/03 – Austin, the United States
16/07 – Leeds, England
17/07 – London, England
18/07 – Brighton, England
19/07 – Bristol, England
20/07 – Manchester, England
14 e 17/08 – Paredes de Coura, Portugal

Watch the “Sombra ou dúvida” video, which is now available on all digital platforms: