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Big band Bixiga 70 releases its first live album

Big band Bixiga 70 releases its first live album

With an eclectic style, ranging from jazz to Brazilian, Latin and African music, instrumental band Bixiga 70 releases its first live album: “Sessões Selo Sesc #5: Bixiga 70”.

Released by Sesc label and recorded last January during a show at Sesc 24 de maio, the album includes songs from “Quebra-Cabeça” and from previous works of the band, and such sessions happened after the band recognition abroad, thanks to their performance in festivals such as SXSW in Austin (USA), Glastonbury (England), North Sea Jazz Festival (Netherlands) and Roskilde (Denmark).

The characteristic instrumental dancing music strongly based on percussion and brass sounds of Bixiga 70 is once again found in this new digital album. The respective show had scenario and lighting provided by Anna Turra and audio by Bernardo Pacheco.

Cuca Ferreira, band’s saxophonist, emphasizes that Bixiga 70 is a stage band. “Our ‘natural habitat’ is the stage. Our music feeds from the energy generated between the band and the audience in our shows, it grows because of it, it depends on it. We have noticed that already in our first performance in 2010. Since then, we have released four albums, all recorded in studio. Now, for the first time, we had one of our shows recorded and released by Sesc label. So now our performances are preserved in our minds and also in an album.”

Bixiga 70 is composed by Cris Scabello (Guitar), Cuca Ferreira (Baritone Sax and Flute), Daniel Nogueira (Tenor Sax and Flute), Daniel Gralha (Trumpet), Décio 7 (Drums), Douglas Antunes (Trombone), Marcelo Dworecki (Bass), Mauricio Fleury (Keyboard and Guitar) and Rômulo Nardes (percussion).

Listen to “Sessões Selo Sesc #5: Bixiga 70” here: