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Baco Exu do Blues announces the release of his new single, “Paris”

Baco Exu do Blues announces the release of his new single, “Paris”

Four months after the editing of his second album, “Bluesman”, which confirmed the musician’s talent already evidenced by its predecessor work, “Esú” (2017), the rapper from Bahia releases today his new single, “Paris”, with cover by Roncca showing two men in an expressive hug.

“Paris” is an unreleased work of Baco, dissociated from other songs of album “Bluesman”, which had as its main theme racial discrimination and the prejudice deeply rooted in society.

The artist, who brought the feelings from blues to the hip hop universe and called the attention of singers Beyoncé and Jorja Smith, announced the release of his new single on Instagram: “Friday the first single of the year, entitled Paris, will be released and I hope it touches the soul of you guys”.

It is worth to mention that the artist also released new singles over the interval of approximately 1 year between the editing of albums “Esú” and “Bluesman”.

Listen to “Paris”: