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Artists from Bahia captivate Berlin

Artists from Bahia captivate Berlin

Xenia França and Baco Exu do Blues, artists from Bahia, have their music videos competing for the Berlin Music Video Awards. The independent international festival takes place from May 29 to June 1 in Berlin – one of the European creative poles – and has been gaining importance in the film industry and music scene as one of the first events to focus on the audiovisual production of music videos.

Counting on a wide range of music video marathons, professional judges, live performances, film workshops and networking events, the festival is a meeting point not only for filmmakers, but also for musicians and music fans.

Representing the current African-Brazilian movement in grand style, both artists compete in the two main categories: Xenia França with the ‘’Pra Que Me Chamas?” video, directed by Fred Ouro Preto, in the “Best Cinematography’’ category, and Baco Exu do Blues with the short film and music video for the title track of his new album, ‘’BLUESMAN’’, directed by Douglas Ratzlaff in the ‘’Best Director’ ’category.


Check out here the nominees for the Berlin Music Video Awards 2019.

Click here fo further information on the event.


Watch the Xenia’s music video ‘’Pra Que Me Chamas?’’:


Watch the Baco Exu do Blues’ music video ‘’Bluesman’’: