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Alfredo Del-Penho releases Samba Só, third solo album of his career

Alfredo Del-Penho releases Samba Só, third solo album of his career


The singer, songwriter, violinist and actor from Rio de Janeiro, Alfredo Del-Penho, releases Samba Só, the third solo album of his career. The work, in voice and guitar format, reaches the phonographic market this December. The musical production is performed by the artist himself in partnership with Gustavo Krebs. The album includes the participation by names like Paulo César Pinheiro, Chico César, Nei Lopes, Joyce Moreno, Zélia Duncan, and João Cavalcanti.

Of the 15 author songs on the album, only one, Quando eu te esqueci, already had prior phonographic record, on the album Samba Sujo. The other are new. “I am not but a martinet. I did a survey of records in voice and guitar, going from Gil and João Gilberto to Djavan and João Bosco. And the Canções praieiras (1954), by Dorival Caymmi, that inaugurates everything. It is a job that you could spend your whole life listening to and surprising”, says the artist.

Del-Penho has important awards in his career, such as that of Brazilian Music, in the best samba singer category, in 2016.

Photo: Philippe Leon


Listen to the album Samba Só: