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About Brazil

Brazil is a unique country due to its population mix. The world’s eighth largest economy is formed by 207 million people who are descendants of Europeans, Africans, Asians and Arabs, among others. This diversity is reflected in the country’s music scene. The musical landscape is hugely varied with hundreds of different styles.

Online access to music has created a new generation of listeners who are increasingly open to a broad cross-section of styles. The music scene in major cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is blooming. There is an extensive network of clubs and festivals, and a growing number of professionals bringing bands to tour these networks. The public is focused on local acts but there is room for non-established international artists who are willing to invest the time.

Local promoters are increasingly in contact with their Latin American counterparts and this will be the key importance of Brazil in the future. For touring bands, Brazil is the gateway to the rest of the continent.

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